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Working at Petrobras

At our units outside Brazil, we select new employees through interviews and résumé analyses, prioritizing the local workforce. In Brazil, our hiring is made by means of public contests, pursuant to Article 37 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution.


Recruitment fraud warning

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated fraud involving the offer of fictitious job opportunities.

Recent incidents have occurred involving organizations or individuals falsely claiming to recruit on behalf of Petrobras and/or its affiliated companies. These fraudulent situations have included job offers that required individuals to send money to pay for processing fees, visa applications, etc. Please be aware that these communications are not from Petrobras and that Petrobras does not and will never request money or payments at any stage of our recruitment process.

We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited offers of employment from people who claim to work for, or be affiliated with, Petrobras. If you believe you have received a fraudulent communication, we advise you to send a message to and contact your local police immediately. Provide all the information you may have from the senders (email addresses, phone/fax numbers, etc.)..