Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan summarizes what we want to be: a high performance energy company focused on oil and gas, aligned with a commitment to greater value generation and resource allocation with an emphasis on deepwater Exploration and Production activities.

Our Vision

The best energy company in generating value for the shareholder, with focus on oil and gas and with safety, respect for people and the environment.

In addition, we want to be a sustainable, competitive company that operates safely and ethically and is committed to growth.

Our Purpose

Provide energy that ensures prosperity in an ethical, safe and competitive way.



Our business strategies ensure that our resources are employed at the right time and in the right assets to ensure the highest possible return on invested capital.

Exploration and Production

  •    Maximize portfolio value, focusing on deep and ultra-deep waters, seeking operational efficiency, recovery factor optimization and partnerships
  •    Grow sustained by world-class oil and gas assets in deep and ultra-deep waters

Gas and Energy

  •    Act competitively in the trading of its own gas
  •    Optimize the thermoelectric portfolio focusing on self-consumption and trading of its own gas
  •    Withdraw from gas distribution and transport completely

Refining, Transportationand Trading

  •    Operate competitively in refining, logistics and oil products trading activities with focus on Southeastern operations
  •    Withdraw from fertilizers, LPG and biodiesel businesses completely
  •    Act competitively in global oil trading


  •    Develop research aimed at long-term operations in renewable energy businesses focused on wind and solar segments in Brazil
  •    Make renewable diesel and BioQav commercially viable as a response to the sustainability policies of the Brazilian energy matrix

Transversal Strategies

 •   Transform Petrobras digitally by delivering solutions to challenges, empowering our employees, generating value, and increasing operational safety 
 •   Develop critical skills and a high-performance culture to meet the new company challenges using economic value added as a management tool
 •   Constantly pursue a competitive and efficient cost and investment structure with a high safety standard and respect for the environment.
 •   Strengthen Petrobras' credibility and reputation




In the Strategic Plan, we reaffirm our values, which represent our commitment to people, society, partners, and shareholders:


Respect for life, people and the envireonment


Ethics and transparency




Outperformance and confidence