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Business Channels

If you currently are or would like to be our direct customer or vendor, if you would like to undertake electronic transactions or participate in our material auctions, read the information below carefully:

Business Channels: Customer, Supplier and More - Petrobras

Customer Channel

If your company is a customer of ours, access this channel to place orders, schedule pickups, follow-up on the entire commercial process, and even make payments over the Internet.
The Customer Channel operates 24/7.

Supplier channel

This channel provides information and support services to companies wishing to be part of our database or that already supply us. Learn how to register, get details about hiring and other data relevant to business transactions.

Procurement Portal (Petronect)

To provide services to Petrobras System companies and its vendors, the electronic procurement portal provides tools for acquiring goods and services. Several transactions can be carried out over Petronect, such as quote requests, proposal submission, contract management, and order management, among others.


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Exploration and Production Consortium

We take part in a number of oil and gas exploration and production consortia, often as the operator. In the pre-salt, for example, we have always operated through consortia. If your company participates in a consortium with Petrobras, this is your environment.

Plataforms P-VII, P-XII AND P-XV Bidding Call for Tender

 Check out the information on the International Bidding for the sale of Petrobras Plataforms