CALL FOR TENDER # 5900.001.2020

We will hold a International Bidding, Tender # 5900.001.2020, for the sale of the PETROBRAS VII (P-VII), PETROBRAS XII (P-XII) and PETROBRAS XV (P-XV) platforms.

The electronic bidding session will take place, through the auctioneer João Emílio's website (, at 10am on July 24th, 2020. To make participation in the Auction feasible, interested parties should register on the auctioneer's website, according to guidelines provided for in the Call for Tender.

Questions regarding the Call for Tender and Addendums must be sent to the Bidding Committee, through the e-mail ( up to 10 days before the Auction date.

The platforms will be available for visitation by interested parties, according to the guidelines provided for in the Auction Notice, up to 10 days before the date scheduled for the Bidding.