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Ombudsman-General Office

Our Ombudsman-General’ Office is an independent relationship channel with our stakeholders that receives and address denunciations, complaints, requests for information, conflicts of interest queries, requests, suggestions or praise. Reports are received, addressed, forwarded, monitored and answered with independence, exemption, ethics, and confidentiality.

Our Ombudsman-General Office’s priority is to receive all reports. However, Petrobras has specific channels that provide information on the following issues:

When to contact the Ombudsman-General's Office

Our Ombudsman-General’s Office receives complaints, requests, suggestions and praise. Complaints, requests for access to information as provided for in Act 12,527/2011 (Access to Information Act - AIA), queries under the Conflict of Interest Act (Act No. 12,813/2013), as well as matters related to the Multidisciplinary Health Care (AMS), which is our employees’ health insurance, may also be sent to the Ombudsman-General’s Office.

Although it receives all requests, our Ombudsman-General’s Office does not replace the company’s primary assistance channels. The Ombudsman-General’s Office does not address requests regarding private and personal issues unrelated to Petrobras’ performance, nor cases that are in the judicial sphere.

Forms of contact

We receive reports electronically, by phone or through the mail. Appointments for face-to-face meetings may be scheduled over the phone.

0800 282 8280
+55 (21) 3224-6666
Petrobras Ombudsman-General’s Office
Av. República do Chile, 65 – 17º andar – sala 1702
Centro – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
ZIP Code 20031-912

Complaint, request, suggestion or praise

If you have already submitted your request to the company’s primary service channels and would like to file a complaint, request, suggestion or compliment to the Ombudsman's Office, fill out one of the forms below.

Access to Information Act

Conflict of Interest Act

  • If a Petrobras employee wishes to make a query and file a request for authorization to exercise a private activity and other situations within the scope of the Conflict of Interest Act (Act No. 12,813/2013), as well as to follow up on the demands in progress and appeal decisions handed down, they must go to the SeCI - Electronic Conflict of Interest Prevention System.

Petrobras Reporting Channel

  • If you wish to file a report that indicates a breach of a rule internal or external to Petrobras and is attributed to a member of the workforce or that, in the case of the exclusive involvement of external stakeholders, is related to Petrobras' business activities, use the Petrobras Reporting Channel.