Jequitinhonha Basin

Plataforma operando na produção de gás natural
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The oil and natural gas we produce in the Bahia basins, unlike what might be assumed, are still far from exhausted. The volume remaining in the reservoirs is still bigger than the accumulated production there since the 1940s.

Candeias, the first commercial field discovered in Brazil, in 1941, remains active. The case is the same for the Dom João Terra (1947), and Água Grande (1951) fields.

Our challenge, when working with very old fields, is to constantly find new technologies to improve recovery and extend field useful life to the maximum possible extent.

We currently explore, develop, and produce oil and gas concessions located in sedimentary Tucano, Recôncavo (onshore), Camamu-Almada, and Jequitinhonha (offshore) basins. This area ranges for about 135,400 square kilometers.