Nitrogenated Fertilizer Plant (Fafen)

Fábrica de Fertilizantes Nitrogenados da Bahia – FAFEN-BA
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We have two fertilizer plants, one in the Camaçari Petrochemical Pole (in the state of Bahia), and another in the city of Laranjeiras (state of Sergipe). The Camaçari unit kicked-off its activities in 1971, producing nitrogenated fertilizers from natural gas coming from the oil producer fields in Bahia and Sergipe.

This plant pioneered the deployment of the Petrochemical Pole - one of the reasons why Camaçari was picked was that there was already an industrial gas pipeline, water, and electricity infrastructure installed there. With Petrobras' takeover of Nitrofértil, on December 17 1993, the plant received its current name.

The Sergipe plant, meanwhile, went on stream on October 6 1982, and marked a new development cycle in the state, with the construction of the São Francisco River water main, the enhancement of the power network, the revitalization of the railway that connects Sergipe to Bahia and, also, the installation of the Ignácio Barbosa Port Terminal, in Barra dos Coqueiros, 36 kilometers away from Aracaju.

We have leased the Bahia (Fafen-BA) nitrogen fertilizer plant to Proquigel Química S.A, which will have control over the units for a period of ten years, renewable for another ten years. 

Fafen (Nitrogenated Fertilizer Plant) Rua Eteno, 2198 - Complexo Petroquímico
Camaçari - BA
CEP: 42810-000

Fafen-SE (Nitrogenated Fertilizer Plant)
Rodovia SE 211 - Km 01 s/n
Pedra Branca - Laranjeiras - SE
CEP: 49170-000

Nitrogenated Fertilizer Plant (Fafen-PR)
Rua Dr. Eli Volpato 999
Distrito Industrial -Araucária - PR


Main products

Ammonium, fertilizer urea, cattle raising urea, industrial urea, nitric acid, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Area: 0.28 Km² (BA) and 1 Km² (SE).

Installed capacity:

- 900,000 t/year of ammonia
- 1.1 million t/year of urea
- 36,000 t/year of nitric acid
- 150,000 t/year of CO2

Nitrogenated Fertilizer Plant (Fafen-PR)


The unit, which was added to our fertilizer production portfolio in June 2013, has an annual production capacity of 700,000 tonnes of urea and 475,000 tonnes of ammonia, in addition to producing the Automotive Liquid Reducing Agent (Arla 32).