Fortaleza and Pecém

Planta de gás natural do Spirit do Terminal de Pecém
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The pipelines that cross through Ceará are: Gasfor (coming from Rio Grande do Norte), Aracati and the Termofor branch.

Gasfor has a 213-km section connecting Guamaré to Aracati, and another one of 171 km, linking Aracati to Pecém.

The Aracati pipeline runs for 6.5 km within that municipality of Ceará.

The Termofor branch has a 1.9-km section between São Gonçalo do Amarante and Termofortaleza.

Check out the information about the sections:

- Gasfor (Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará)
Section: Guamaré-Aracati
Length: 213 km
Diameter: 12

Section: Aracati-Pecém
Length: 171 km
Diameter: 10

Operation Commencement: 1999

Termofor (branch) (Ceará)
Diameter: 10

Operation Commencement: 1999

Aracati (Ceará)
Diameter: 12