Dutos do gasoduto Alagoas-Pernambuco (GASALP)
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The pipelines that cross through Alagoas are: Gasalp (connecting the state of Pernambuco), Penedo-Pilar, Pilar-Ipojuca, and Termopernambuco.

Gasalp has a 204-km section connecting Pilar (Alagoas) to Cabo (Pernambuco). The Penedo-Pilar gas pipeline is 89 km long.

Pilar-Ipojuca ranges for 189.1 km, between the Catu-Pillar and Gasalp gas pipelines.

The Termopernambuco Thermal Power Plant gas pipeline is 12 km in length.

Check out the information about the sections:

- Gasalp (Alagoas and Pernambuco)
Section: Pilar-Cabo
Diameter: 12
Operation Commencement: 2000

- Penedo-Pilar (Alagoas)
Diameter: 12
Operation Commencement: 2007

- Pilar-Ipojuca
Diameter: 24
Operation Commencement: 2010

- Termopernambuco (Pernambuco)
Diameter: 16