Rio de Janeiro

Scraper do GASDUC III do Terminal de Cabiúnas
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The pipelines that cross through Rio de Janeiro are: Gasbel, Gasbel II, Gasjap, Gaspal I and II and Ramal Tevol. In addition to the Cabiúnas gas pipeline and the Duque de Caxias Refinery (REDUC).

The Gasbel gas pipeline runs for 357 km between the Duque de Caxias and Gabriel Passos refineries. Gasbel II has a 268.9-km section between Volta Redonda (Rio de Janeiro) and Queluzito (Minas Gerais).

The Gasjap gas pipeline is 45.3 km long and connects the cities of Japeri and Duque de Caxias.

The Gaspal gas pipeline has a 262.5-km long section connecting the Volta Redonda Station (Esvol) and Guararema. The other section ranges for 62 km, from Guararema to the Capuava Refinery.

Gaspal II is 54.5 km long and goes from the Guararema Terminal to the Mauá Gas Station (ECGM), in São Paulo.

The Tevol Branch connects the Volta Redonda Station (Esvol) to the Volta Redonda Terminal (Tevol). Its length is 5.5 km.

Confira as informações dos trechos:

Gasbel I
Diameter: 16''
Operation Commencement: 1996

Gasbel II
Diameter: 18''
Operation Commencement: 2010

Diameter: 28'' Gas Mauá
Operation Commencement: 2009

Diameter: 28''
Operation Commencement: 2009

Diameter: 20"
Operation Commencement: 1998

Gaspal II
Diameter: 22"
Operation Commencement: 2011

Tevol Branch
Diameter: 14"
Operation Commencement: 1986