Unidade de gás natural de Carmópolis
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The Urucu-Coari-Manaus gas pipeline went on stream in 2009, and is capable of transporting 5.5 million cubic meters/day.

The gas pipeline connects the production units located in the Arara Complex, in Urucu, to the city of Manaus (AM). This route measures 663.2 km in length (Urucu - Manaus section), in addition to a total of 139.3 km in nine branches to Coari.

The natural gas transported over this gas pipeline reaches the Manauara, Tambaqui, Jaraqui, Aparecida, Mauá, Cristiano Rocha, and Ponta Negra - Urucu-Coari-Manaus plants. At them, it generates 760 MW of electricity.

Check out the information about the sections:


Section A (Urucu-Coari)
Diameter: 10''

Section B1 (Coari-Anamã)
Diameter: 20''

Section B2 (Anamã-Manaus)
Diameter: 20''
Adaptation of the 18’’ gas pipeline