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Shale Industrialization Business Unit | Petrobras

Shale Industrialization Unit (SIX)

visão parcial da área industrial e prédios administrativos, com a cidade ao fundo.
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General Information

Shale Industrialization Unit (SIX) is an operating unit located in São Mateus do Sul (PR) on one of the world's largest reserves of shale or oil shale - a sedimentary rock with organic matter content in the form of kerogen that can only be converted to oil and gas by means of heating (pyrolysis).

Location: Rodovia do Xisto, BR 476, km 153
São Mateus do Sul - PR
CEP 83900-000

Phone: (42) 3520-7200

Units/terminals it is connected to

Petrosix®, technology we created and patented for oil shale exploitation, covers all stages of the manufacturing process. Industrial fuel oils obtained from shale are suitable for industrial consumption in urban centers. The gas is shipped to the treatment plant to produce LPG, sulfur, and fuel gas (which, in turn, is transferred, by pipeline, to a ceramics plant, which is a customer and located adjacent to SIX). Naphtha is shipped for the Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery (Repar), in Araucária (PR), to generate fuels from processing at the refinery.

Brief background:

We commenced shale exploration in 1954, in the city of Tremembé, in the Paraíba Valley (state of São Paulo). In 1959, we decided to build a plant in São Mateus do Sul (PR). The first production unit there was started up in 1972. With the second unit, the industrial module, entering into operation in December 1991, we completed an important step in the consolidation of our shale extraction and processing technology, called Petrosix®.

The products we make with shale are fuel oil, naphtha, fuel gas, liquefied gas and sulfur, in addition to products that can be used by the asphalt, cement, agricultural and pottery industries.

Industrial fuel oils obtained from shale are suitable for industrial consumption in urban centers. It is a type of highly fluid oil that is very easy to handle and eliminates the need for pre-heating, thus affording reductions in burning operating costs and, as such, is ideal for cold climates.

Technical Features

SIX also functions as an advanced research center in refining, an area in which several projects are developed together with our research center (Cenpes) and universities. SIX'S technology park is the largest in Latin America and one of the world's biggest in pilot plants, consisting of 15 units designed to meet the needs of various refining processes. We use this input to expand our technological efficiency and yields.

Installed capacity:

Installed capacity is 5,880 t/d.

Main products:

Fuel Oil, LPG, fuel gas, naphtha, sulfur and paving inputs that are used by various industries, such as ceramics, oil refineries, cement plants, sugar mills and agricultural undertakings. In the fertilizer field, SIX produces Shale Water, which is an input used to formulate foliar fertilizers, with effectiveness proven by extensive research conducted by EMBRAPA and IAPAR through the Agricultural Shale Project.

Markets it serves:

SIX'S main market is the state of Paraná. However, its products reach several states, among which Santa Catarina, São Paulo, and Rio Grande do Sul.