Barueri Terminal - OBATI Pipeline

Terminal Barueri
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The Barueri onshore terminal receives, stores and transfers oil products and ethanol coming from the Paulínia, Vale do Paraíba, and Capuava refineries, and from the São Caetano do Sul, Guarulhos, Guararema, and Cubatão terminals for distribution by the distribution company association. It also transfers products to São Caetano do Sul and to the Santos Port over the Baureri-Utinga oil pipeline, and to the Paulínia Refinery (flow inversion) over the Paulínia-São Paulo oil pipeline. The terminal also performs liquefied petroleum gas loading services for road transportation. The terminal is operated Transpetro.

OBATI Pipeline

Origin and destination: Barueri Terminal (SP) - São Caetano do Sul Terminal (SP)

Products: clear products and fuel oil

Length: 2 pipelines measuring about 50 km in length each

Diameter: 14”