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Coari Terminal: Main Operations | Petrobras

Coari Terminal - ORSOL I and II Pipelines

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The Coari water transportation terminal plays a fundamentally important role by distributing the oil and gas produced in the Urucu region. It receives these products over the Rio Solimões oil pipeline and stores and delivers them to vessels to supply the Manaus Refinery and to supply the LPG market in the states of Pará, Rondônia, Maranhão, and part of Ceará and Pernambuco. The terminal is operated by the Transpetro subsidiary.

ORSOL I and II Pipelines

Origin and destination: Coari Terminal/AM - UPGN-Urucu (Coari/AM)

Products: oil and LPG

Length: 2 pipelines measuring about 281 km in length each

Diameter: 10” and 14”