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Guaramirim Terminal: Main Operations | Petrobras

Guaramirim Terminal - OPASC Pipeline

Terminal Guaramirim
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Located 28 kilometers away from Joinville, the Guaramirim Terminal receives, by bleeding, environment diesel fuel, gasoline, anhydrous alcohol and hydrated alcohol from the Paraná-Santa Catarina Oil Pipeline (Opasc). It stores the products and supply its region of influence. All of the terminal's operations, except for a few secondary and occasional ones, will be centralized in the Control Room and executed by the Supervisory System.

OPASC Pipeline

Origin and destination: Repar (Araucária/PR) - Biguaçu Terminal (Florianópolis/SC)

Products: clear products

Length: 266 Km

Diameter: 8” and 10”

Intermediaries: Guaramirim/SC and Itajaí/SC