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Guarulhos Terminal: Main Operations | Petrobras

Guarulhos Terminal - OSVAT 16 Pipeline

Terminal Guarulhos
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The Guarulhos Terminal receives oil derivatives and ethanol from the Vale do Paraíba Refinery, the Paulínia Refinery, from Guararema, São Caetano do Sul, from the Capuava Refinery, and from São Sebastião. It also stores (and carries out road loading through the base operated by Petrobras Distribuidora) gasoline, diesel fuel, anhydrous alcohol and hydrated alcohol, and jet fuel (QAV-1), aiming to serve the region's consumer market. Additionally, it transfers aviation kerosene to supply aircraft at the São Paulo International Airport (Cumbica).

OSVAT 16 Pipeline

Origin and destination: Recap (Mauá/SP) - Guarulhos Terminal/SP - São Caetano do Sul Terminal/SP

Products: clear products

Length: 66 Km

Diameter: 16”

Intermediary: Suzano/SP