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Itajaí Terminal: Main Operations | Petrobras

Itajaí Terminal - OPASC Pipeline

Terminal Itajaí
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The Itajaí Terminal, located in the city of Itajaí, receives and stores environment diesel fuel, gasoline, anhydrous alcohol, hydrated alcohol and LPG. Its purpose is to supply its region of influence. All of the terminal's operations, except for a few secondary and occasional ones, will be centralized in the Control Room and executed by the Supervisory System.

OPASC Pipeline

Origin and destination: Repar (Araucária/PR) - Biguaçu Terminal (Florianópolis/SC)

Products: clear products

Length: 266 Km

Diameter: 8” and 10”

Intermediaries: Guaramirim/SC and Itajaí/SC