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Niterói Terminal: Main Operations | Petrobras

Niterói Terminal - ORNIT Pipeline

Terminal Niterói
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The Niterói lacustrine (water transportation) terminal is located off the northern shore of the Gravataí River, in the city of Canoas - metropolitan region of Porto Alegre (RS). The main pier is capable of receiving vessels of up to 4,000 TPB. The terminal loads tanker barges with bunker and trucks with light recycle oil. It also receives maritime fuel oil via tanker trucks. The terminal receives maritime diesel fuel and light recycle oil from the Alberto Pasqualini Refinery. The terminal is operated by the Transpetro subsidiary.

ORNIT Pipeline

Origin and destination: Refap (Canoas/RS) - Niterói Terminal (Canoas/RS)

Products: clear products

Length: 16 Km

Diameter: 6”