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Osório Terminal: Main Operations | Petrobras

Osório Terminal - OSCAN Oil Pipeline

Terminal Osório
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The non-sheltered Osório oceanic terminal is composed of two monobuoy systems built in the open sea, near the Tramandaí coast (RS). These monobuoys are designed to moor vessels during oil and oil product (naphtha, diesel, petrochemical condensate and gasoline) loading and unloading operations. The terminal serves, basically, the Alberto Pasqualini Refinery and the Braskem petrochemical plant via the Osório-Canoas gas pipeline. The terminal is operated by the Transpetro subsidiary.

OSCAN Oil Pipeline

Origin and destination: Osório Terminal/RS - Refap (Canoas/RS)

Products: clear products and oil

Length: 4 pipelines measuring about 98 km in length each

Diameter: 8”, 16” and 22”