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Santos Terminal: Main Operations | Petrobras

Santos Terminal - Pipelines between Santos and Cubatão

Terminal Santos
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The Santos water transportation terminal operates as an oil product production stock regulator. The activities we carry out there include:

- Transfer and receipt of products from vessels.

- Supply of vessels moored at the Santos Port with bunker .

- Product receipt and shipment to the Presidente Bernardes Refinery and to the Cubatão onshore terminal.

- Shipment of liquefied petroleum gas to regional LPG companies.

The terminal is operated by the Transpetro subsidiary.

Pipelines between Santos and Cubatão

Origin and destination: Santos Terminal/SP - Cubatão Terminal/SP

Products: clear products, fuel oil and LPG

Length: 5 pipelines measuring about 10 km in length each

Diameter: 10”, 14” and 18”