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Generation of Electric Energy: Get to know our Performance - Petrobras

Electric Energy Generation

Electric Energy Generation

In electricity generation, we operate and hold stakes in thermal, wind, and small hydro power plants, which complement the Brazilian energy needs, especially in periods of drought and high demand.

In total, there are 36 units in our generating park - owned or belonging to subsidiaries or to companies in which we hold equity stakes - including one under construction, with a total generating capacity of 6,885 megawatts (MW).

Thermal power plants stand out in in our park, but we also generate electricity by means of five wind farms (Macau and the Mangue Seco Wind Farm) and two small hydropower plants. In addition, we are building a photovoltaic plant in the municipality of Açu (state of Rio Grande do Norte), which will have an installed capacity of 1.1 MW and will be used to supply Petrobras' buildings.

The Petrobras Distribuidora subsidiary also participates in the electric energy sector providing services such as power efficiency, co-generation, generation with biomass, marketing power and with generation at the end.