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Supply of Natural Gas

With robust investments in various stages of the chain associated with natural gas, we make sure we fully meet the demand from this important market: From feedstock for industries and refineries to delivery, by means of local distributors, to thermoelectric plants, industries, homes and offices. Our natural gas offer is 76.6 million m³/day in average.

The natural gas supplied to the Brazilian market comes from domestic production, form gas imported from Bolivia, and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), which is purchased from other suppliers to be regasified at one of Petrobras' three terminals:

  • Pecém (CE)
  • Bay of All Saints (BA) or
  • Guanabara Bay (RJ).


Understand the natural gas cycle

Natural gas is a fuel coming from the lighter fractions of the oil produced in onshore and offshore sedimentary basins. The consumption of this important source of energy, for which there are various uses, is on the increase worldwide. Natural gas is used as fuel at the thermal power plants that complement Brazil's energy needs. It is also converted to urea, ammonia, and other products used as feedstock in various industries. Additionally, it is used as fuel in transport and as a source of energy at homes and industries.

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