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Diesel Fuel: Get to Know our Automotive Products - Petrobras

Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel, in its various denominations, is the main fuel marketed in Brazil, and is used to transport cargo and passengers on boats, in the industry, to generate power, in construction machinery, in farm machinery and in locomotives, meeting the needs both of the consumers and of the most advanced technologies in combustion, considering the best energy efficiency and the defined atmospheric emission limits.

We produce biodiesel-free diesel fuel pursuant to the technical specifications set forth by the NPA (National Petroleum Agency). Distribution companies, in turn, add biodiesel (in accordance with the content in force in the legislation) to the diesel fuel Petrobras supplies, making it available at fuel stations. Diesel fuel without the addition of biodiesel is called “diesel fuel A,” while diesel fuel containing biodiesel is called “diesel fuel B,” according to the classification established by the NPA.


We produce and trade Diesel fuel on the fuel distribution market for applications defined pursuant to the specifications set forth by the National Petroleum Agency (NPA).

More information is available via e-mail, at or by phone, by calling 0800 728 9001.