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Fuel Oil: Get to know our Products - Petrobras

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is a petroleum byproduct obtained in the refining process. According to the processes and blends that go through the refineries, it has a variety of types that meet the most varied market requirements.

The industry uses the product for heating boilers and kilns, or in internal combustion engines for heat generation.


More information is available via e-mail, at or by phone, by calling 0800 728 9001.

This product complies with the National Petroleum Agency (NPA) specifications, which are unique to the Brazilian market and have different equivalences for the other countries.

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Add Cleaner

This is an industrial fuel developed to provide a cleaner, more efficient combustion, with lower particulate matter emissions. It also contains an additive developed especially to optimize handling and maximize your equipment's performance.

Industrial FOs

The fuel oil derived from petroleum, also called heavy fuel oil or residual fuel oil, is the portion that is left over of petroleum fraction distillation, generally designated as heavy fractions and obtained in various refining processes. The very complex composition of fuel oils depends not only on the oil they originated from, but also on the type of procedure and mixtures they got at the refinery, so that it is possible to meet the various consumer market requirements with a broad range of viscosities.

Widely used in modern industry for heating furnaces and boilers or in internal combustion engines to generate heat, fuel oils are subdivided according to their origin and characteristics.

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