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Green Petroleum Coke: Less Environmental Impact - Petrobras

Green Petroleum Coke

Green petroleum coke is obtained from processing liquid fractions in Delayed Coking Units (UCR). It is a material with high fixed carbon content comprising hydrocarbons and low levels of inorganic compounds. Its appearance is that of a bulk composed of solid black fragments, and the term "green" in its name refers to the stage of its production process.

The green petroleum coke produced in our refineries has as its main differential its low sulfur content, rare worldwide, and a product with higher value added and lower environmental impact.

Our refineries produce two types of green coke, distinguished per anode grade or metallurgical grade.

Anode grade coke is an essential input to obtain calcined coke, which is used to manufacture anodes to produce aluminum or titanium dioxide.

Steel grade coke, meanwhile, is used as a reducing agent in iron and steel metallurgy, and serves the pelletizing and carbide production segments; additionally, it is used to obtain lime and for other industrial applications.


More information is available via e-mail, at or by phone, by calling 0800 728 9001.

This product complies with the National Petroleum Agency (NPA) specifications, which are unique to the Brazilian market and have different equivalences for other countries.


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