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Bunker: Excellence in Services - Petrobras


The vessels that operate along the Brazilian coast can rely on bunkering services and on our high-quality products, guaranteed delivery, excellence in services, and competitive pricing.

Petrobras Bunker surpasses the international quality requirements, it has a low metal content and complies with the requisites set forth by the  ISO 8217:2010 specification for residual marine fuels with sulphur max 0,5% for all ports. For Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza ISO 8217:2005 is applied. Among the products we offer, you can rely on Marine Fuels and Marine Gasoil.


GTC Petrobras



More information is available via e-mail, at or by phone, by calling 0800 728 9001.

This product complies with the National Petroleum Agency (NPA) specifications, which are unique to the Brazilian market and have different equivalences for other countries.