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Non-road diesel fuel

The rail, open pit mining, and thermoelectric power generation industries rely on a special type of non-road diesel fuel, or TRM (thermoelectric rail mining). The oil used at a few thermoelectric plants is the same that fuels large machinery used in some open pit mining activities, as well as in locomotives and railway machines used to transport cargo and passengers.

The characteristics that differentiate it from road diesel include the concentration of a maximum of 1800 milligrams of the sulfur element per kilogram of fuel, equivalent to 0.18% of this element in diesel. This diesel fuel contains biodiesel at the ratio determined by the current legislation.


More information is available via e-mail, at sac@petrobras.com.br or by phone, by calling 0800 728 9001.

This product complies with the National Petroleum Agency (NPA) specifications, which are unique to the Brazilian market and have different equivalences for other countries.


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