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Adding Value and Product Diversification: See - Petrobras

Adding Value and Diversifying Products

Improving the quality and performance of our products, diversifying our portfolio: these are important drivers of our activities. We are always researching how to make our fuels and lubricants more efficient and how the petrochemical and gas chemical industries can make the most of the oil and natural gas we extract. Even minor discoveries can lead to major savings and improve air quality.

Energy of the future

We are also gearing up for the energy of the future. Who would have ever thought, but a few years ago, that sugarcane bagasse could be turned into energy? Thus, we research possibilities that are yet unknown, but which one day will be part of our everyday lives.

Learn how we have researched technology to add value to and diversify our products:

New fuels, lubricants and special products

Development of new fuels, lubricants and special products, such as podium diesel and podium gasoline.


Development of new technologies for petrochemical activities.

Ammonia and urea

Optimization of our ammonia and urea production plants and development of new technologies for urea-based fertilizers and animal feed.

Biofuels and bioproducts

Development of second generation biofuel production processes using waste biomass as feedstock.

Thermal power and renewable energies

Optimization of our power plants and research and development on renewable energy technologies.