Expansion of the Limits

Thinking beyond possibilities that have already been mapped and creating innovative models was what allowed us to overcome the challenge of reaching the pre-salt. Thus, we are always researching technology to improve our production processes, whether by developing offshore and subsea systems that will allow us to explore new frontiers or by improving existing techniques. In the pre-salt fields, for example, we have been able to increase oil recovery factors by reinjecting carbon dioxide extracted from the wells themselves.

To get the most energy from the oil, we have also researched how to boost our refining capacity and how to find logistical solutions to bring our production to more distant locations.

Learn how we have researched technology to expand our boundaries:

New frontier exploration

Discovery of new exploratory frontiers, both on and off shore.

Production optimization

Enhanced oil and gas recovery using innovative seawater injection, CO2 and polymers.

Production in the pre-salt

Improvement of the pre-salt production systems and of the reserve recovery factor.

Subsea production systems

Development of subsea systems and equipment to produce in deep and ultra-deep waters.

Unconventional reservoirs

Optimization and development of solutions for drilling and production in unconventional reservoirs.

Natural gas logistics and trade

Development of solutions for offshore associated gas transport and optimization of our onshore assets.

Integrated operation logistics

Application of available cutting-edge technologies to improve our integrated off shore operations.

Oil and oil product supply and exports

Optimization of the supply and export of Brazilian oil and its products.

Pre-salt oil refining and park flexibilization

Development of technologies to optimize refining processes for oil coming from the pre-salt area to increase flexibility in the refining park.