The "Privacy Notice" tab covers how Petrobras processes personal information and data that can identify users and that are collected on the Petrobras website or that will be part of the company’s databases.

In the “Terms of Use” tab, you will find the conditions that govern the use of this website and may reset your cookie preferences.

Meanwhile, in “Data Protection,” you will find information on how Petrobras processes your data and the form if you would like to make a request based on the LGPD.


Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice has been developed to restate our commitment with safety and privacy of personal information and data we collect from users, a service provided by Petróleo Brasileiro S.A., hereinafter referred to as Petrobras. Petrobras commitment with the subject is provided in our Code of Ethical Conduct.

This Privacy Notice covers the handling provided by Petrobras to personal information and data of natural persons capable of identifying users, collected when they are on Petrobras website on the internet or if they comprise the company electronic data.

It is worth mentioning that Petrobras website can have access to links to external websites (also known as ‘hyperlinks’), which contents and privacy policies are not liable to Petrobras, i.e., they are out of Petrobras control and are not covered by this Privacy Notice. Thus, it is recommended that, as they are redirected to external websites, users should always read the relevant privacy statements/policies before providing personal data, especially sensitive data. It should be highlighted that Petrobras does not control privacy practices of such websites, and it does not approve third party website statements.

We remind that Petrobras reviews privacy notices regularly, including the present Privacy Notice. Thus, its regular reading is recommended.

In case of change of personal information or data collection and/or handling, as well as in the case of purpose change, Petrobras will report the new privacy conditions clearly and objectively, concerning Petrobras information safety notices, for personal data handling transparent management: a) to general public, by means of announcement in our main page; b) to registered users, by means of electronic communication.

As far as this Privacy Notice is concerning, the following provisions should be considered:

Petrobras, as it handles personal data, it is based on legal foundations and principles in force, especially caring for information self-ruling foundation, as well as good faith, purpose, non-prejudice, responsibility and accountability principles.


  1. Petrobras Website: Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. Investor Relations Website
  2. User: Person that uses and/or interacts with some Petrobras digital channels.
  3. Personal data: information related to identified or identifiable natural person.
  4. Sensitive personal data: Personal data on racial or technical origin, religious belief, political opinion, labor union or religious, philosophical or political organization membership, data related to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data, whenever linked to a natural person.
  5. Handling: every operation performed with personal data, as the ones related to collection, production, reception, classification, usage, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storage, deletion, assessment or control of information, change, communication, transfer, broadcast or extraction.
  6. Tracking technologies (cookies, pixels, etc.): small files created by websites visited and stored in the user computer through the browser that can be used to identify visitors, customize the page based on navigability profile, track enhancement and control use patterns, and enable data control between the same website. In order to enable information transparency provided by the user to the website, it is important to know the information that can be achieved through cookies by means of cookies policy/statement.

2.Petrobras can monitor all user motion in the Portal, to enhance navigability and consequent technological solution development in activity daily routines, focused on the process simplification, service improvement, highlighting information cost-effectiveness, governance and traceability aspects.

3.Petrobras collects personal information and data capable of identifying users, including texts and images, whenever they:

  1. navigate on the website
  2. download documents, presentations and other materials
  3. fill in forms and access systems

On the User

4. For each data collection mode, different information can be requested, according solely to the collection specific purpose, with the relevant legal support and storage time. Thus, users will be previously notified on data and the purpose that will be collected, and they can provide them at their own discretion.

5. Petrobras can use cookies, receiving, automatically, information on user navigation during a visit, including IP address. The feature purpose is improving the user experience, enabling page matching and customization according to the user profile. Nevertheless, the user can set up his/her browser in order not to be tracked:

6. Petrobras does not have access to the navigation IP address in Petrobras Denouncement Channel, which is an independent, classified and unbiased tool, and it is available to Petrobras external and internal audience and its controlled companies. It is, thus, a classified environment, hosted outside Petrobras System and managed by a contracted company. Anonymity is assured by the internet and by phone, as there is no IP record of whistleblower computers or call tracking.

7. User personal data input on Petrobras website is not a requirement to navigate on the website, and, thus, it is optional. The user expressly decides explicitly to provide personal data, as he/she acknowledges and accepts this Privacy Notice terms. Petrobras is concerned that its stakeholder specificities are considered in personal data handling and are included in collection previous use, especially in situations where the holder express authorization is required, evidencing unequivocally his/her will statement.

8. Petrobras fosters risk prevention related to privacy in every activity, from development, with reflexes in all its processes and information systems.

9. Petrobras makes its best efforts, so that personal data and its handling inherent risks are mapped properly, updated and organized to include all information about the subject in reports required by legal regulations in force.

10. Petrobras stores personal data, in order to provide access to users, based on information security regulations, by means of a request, through LGPD.

11. Every personal data collected will be incorporated to Petrobras database for the time required to execute the purpose reported in its collection and relevant legal requirements, as well as to protect Petrobras and/or its users.

12. Petrobras can disclose your personal data, as required/allowed by laws and regulations in force in case of rights protection and/or legal action/order or regulation agency request.

13. Petrobras, also through third parties, based on legal regulations in force, collects and handles user data with specific and defined purposes, notified to users before its collection, and without later handling that is incompatible with such purposes, based on legal regulations in force.

Petrobras uses the information collected to the following purposes: (i) optimizing use and interactive experience during user navigation on the website; (ii) developing general statistics; (iii) replying to user doubts and requests; (iv) performing communication and relationship marketing campaigns; (v) communicating with users, in order to provide the information on the company, products, services and promotions; (vi) concerning under 13-year old people information, such information use will have educational purpose.

14. Petrobras handles personal sensitive data:

  1. through consent, and with specific purposes, according to laws and regulations in force. If the personal data handling takes place through user request, the consent is considered as granted.
  2. without user consent, in case if mandatory, according to laws and regulations in force, for:
  3. compliance with legal or regulatory obligation;
  4. shared handling of data required to public policy execution provided by laws or regulations;
  5. survey execution by a survey agency, assuring anonymity, whenever possible;
  6. regular rights performance, including in agreement and legal, administrative and arbitration proceeding;
  7. user or third party life protection or personal injury safety;
  8. health care, solely, in a procedure performed by health professionals, health services or sanitation authority;
  9. user fraud prevention and safety assurance, in registration identification and authentication processes in electronic systems, except in the case that fundamental rights and liberties that require personal data protection prevail.

15. Petrobras preferably handles personal data based on a different legal base from user consent, as per legal aspects. In case of doubt concerning need and other normative bases, the user consent will be necessarily requested expressly, with the purpose and consequences of non-consent. And, in case of personal data handling based on consent, the possibility of its revocation and consequences will be explained to the user.

16. Access to information collected is restricted to employees and people authorized to such purpose. Employees and/or people authorized, that use such information improperly, will be subject to the penalties provided by our disciplinary proceeding, without exclusion of the other applicable legal measures. Petrobras neither releases nor sells personal data to third parties to enable product and service marketing. However, it might be required to share with other Petrobras System companies and/or outsourced service providers, including to other countries. Under such circumstances, Petrobras assures that personal data receives proper protection level related to Brazil´s laws and regulations on the subject and that is used to the purposes pointed out at the time of the collection and following the guidance set forth in contractual clause and privacy assurance. Petrobras can also check compliance with its contractual clauses to assess the subject obligation compliance.

Access to information collected is restricted to employees and/or people authorized to such purpose, especially sensitive personal data. If they use such information improperly, violating our Privacy Notice, they will be subject to applicable disciplinary and legal measures.

17. Personal data can also be shared with public agencies that are subject to the same national laws and regulations on personal data protection.

18. The user assures truthfulness and accuracy of personal data provided to this website, taking full responsibility if they are not accurate. Personal data usage is liable to the holder. Petrobras does not take any responsibility in case of inaccuracy of personal data introduced by the user on this website, however, it assures its correction by means of holder´s request.

19. Petrobras stores data in full and authentic way, assuring provided information confidentiality. User personal data will be kept according to PETROBRAS information security standards that adopts technological solutions to protect personal data concerning integrity and secrecy. However, PETROBRAS does not assure that its systems are immune to third party intrusions or malicious software action. PETROBRAS is not responsible for damage incurring from unauthorized third party access and/or usage, as provided by law.

20. Petrobras provides access to user personal data to enable safe and legitimate access to its holders, assuring its achievement (observing trade and industrial secrets, based on information security and data protection regulations) timely and on demand to:

  1. check handling existence;
  2. access data;
  3. correct data (incomplete, inaccurate or outdated);
  4. to make anonymous, block or delete data that is unnecessary, excessive or handled in noncompliance;
  5. perform data portability to another service or product supplier, whenever possible;
  6. report on the possibility of not providing consent and denial consequences;
  7. delete personal data handled through consent, unless in the case there is another legal base to perform the handling;
  8. revoke consent, as the handling ratified performed based on previously stated consent;
  9. report to public and private agencies with which Petrobras performed data share use.

In case of doubts or comments related to the present Notice, contact

Use Terms & Conditions

Petrobras invites you to visit its Portal and hereby informs you of the Terms and Conditions that regulate such use. We consider that by using it, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

The content of this Portal is meant to offer Internet users an informative, institutional, and relationship panel with Petrobras.


Terms and conditions of use: rules set fort for Portal use;

User: an individual or legal entity, registered or not, that uses the Portal and the links available in it;

Portal: assigns the address

User Reference File: personal data provided by the user, who is liable for its truthfulness.


Petrobras will make every effort to maintain the information and material contained in this Portal as accurate, updated and complete as possible. However, it accepts no responsibility for the use, application or processing that users may make of such information. Users are entirely responsible for the purpose of the use of data gathered on the Portal.

Petrobras endeavors to ensure that the information provided is accurate, complete, and current and that it can be used without interruption or error. The content, including all the information available on the Portal or accessed through it, is provided "as is." The use of this material, as well as any interpretation of it or insertion in other contexts, is the sole responsibility of the user.

The information contained in this Portal can be updated or changed periodically. Therefore, it must not be interpreted as definitive.

Our visitors' privacy

Petrobras takes no responsibility for controlling access to or the use of the Portal, or for access to the links contained in it. In particular, Petrobras does not guarantee that users make use of the Portal according to the Law, under these use Terms and Conditions, with morality and good customs, the general principles of law and public order, or that users will make such use in an careful, prudent manner in accordance with dutiful care.

Petrobras is not responsible for damages and loss of any nature that might originate from the use of the Portal and its services as described above.

On the User

The user will be liable for damage and loss of any nature that Petrobras comes to suffer as a result of his or her failure to comply with any of the obligations to which he or she is submitted by means of these Terms and General Conditions of Use.

Using the Portal and its links

Under no circumstance whatsoever will Petrobras be liable for the use of its Portal or for the access to links indicated therein, as well as for acts practiced by users based on information obtained from the Portal and links. Petrobras accepts no responsibility for the content or for the privacy policies and practices of the sites that link to our and those we link to.

Notice to shareholders, investors and potential investors

The information about the Petrobras System contained in this Portal by no means constitutes an invitation to investors nor is it meant to serve as a base for decisions about financial investments, whether made by individuals or legal entities.

The content of the Portal is provided for the sole purpose of providing information, and no content included in it serves for commercial or investment purposes.

Our Portal may contain forecasts that merely reflect company management expectations. The terms "anticipate," "believe," "expect," "predict," "intend," "plan," "project," "aim to," "will probably," and other similar terms, aim to identify such forecasts, which, obviously, involve risks or uncertainty, whether or not provided for by the company. Therefore, the future results of the company's operations may differ from present expectations and the reader should not rely solely on the information contained herein to make investments.

Petrobras will not be liable or under any obligation for the transmission of or accessibility to exact, useful or available information via the Portal, nor will it be liable or under any obligation for any transaction or decision concerning investments based on such information.

Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility - availability, continuity, utility and fallibility

Petrobras does not guarantee the availability and ongoing operation of the Portal and of its services. Not all the Services and general Content are available for all geographical areas. Whenever reasonably possible, Petrobras will give prior notice of any interruptions in the Portal and Service operations. Furthermore, Petrobras guarantees neither the usefulness of the Portal and of the Services to carry out any activity in particular, nor its infallibility, and in particular, though not exclusively, provides no guarantee that users can effectively use the Portal and Services, access the different web pages that comprise the Portal or those from which the services are provided.

General content is available for all geographical areas. Whenever it is reasonably possible, Petrobras will give prior notice of any interruptions in the Portal and Service operations. Furthermore, Petrobras guarantees neither the usefulness of the Portal and of the Services to carry out any activity in particular, nor its infallibility, and in particular, though not exclusively, provides no guarantee that users can effectively use the Portal and Services, access the different web pages that comprise the Portal or those from which the services are provided.


Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility - contamination by viruses or the likes:

Petrobras does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or any other elements in the content that might cause changes to your information technology system (software and hardware) or to the electronic documents and files stored in its information technology system.


Copyright and intellectual property

This Portal contains texts, photographs, photos and sound that are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. These rights belong to Petrobras or were granted under license by their holders, so Petrobras can make use of such material as part of this Portal.

Upon accessing Petrobras' page, the user declares that he/she will respect all the intellectual and industrial property rights, those resulting from protection of trademarks, as well as all the rights of third parties that may in some form be or have been available on the Portal. Mere access to the Portal does not grant the user any right to use names, titles, words, phrases, brands, patents, and literary, artistic and literary-musical pieces, among others, that are or were available therein.

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Reproduction of the previously described content is prohibited, except with prior authorization of Petrobras in writing or if it is meant solely for personal use and without the user in any way securing any right to them.

Only a temporary file may be made of this Portal, but its use for commercial or advertising purposes or for any purpose that goes against the reality it was conceived for, as defined herein, is forbidden. It is likewise prohibited to reproduce, distribute and divulge, in part or as a whole, the texts, photos and graphics that comprise this Portal without prior express authorization of Petrobras. Only printing copies for personal use and storing files, without separating the parts that allow for faithful and true understanding of the contents and objective, is allowable.

The user is fully liable, civilly and/or criminally, for the improper use of the information, texts, graphics, trademarks, pieces, in sum, of any and all intellectual and industrial property rights of this Portal.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

Petrobras reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Use unilaterally at any moment. By browsing in this Portal. you accept to comply with the Terms and Conditions in effect on this date, and, thus, you should check them in advance every time you visit this Portal.


If you have any question about this document, please contact us at

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by the Brazilian legislation. Petrobras Portal users submit to the Central Venue of the Administrative Region of the Capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in lieu of any other, no matter how privileged.

Data Protection

Updated on January 18, 2021

What is the General Personal Data Protection Act (LGPD)?

What are my rights?

How can I exercise my rights?

Who is responsible for processing personal data?