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Current Employee, Current Employee of a Service Provider, Retiree, Others

To meet the demands of the holders under the General Personal Data Protection Law, the Internal Audience encompasses employees, former employees, retirees, family members and pensioners, officers, apprentices, interns, and employees of companies providing services that act as data operators for Petrobras.
Last update: Februrary 10th 2022

What personal data do we process?

The personal data processed for this audience includes information on:

  • Register Data: Name, phone numbers, date of birth, personal e-mail addresses, specialties, etc.
  • Functional Data: Admission date, Petrobras registration number, functional mobility, position, work center, time on the job, location assigned to, etc.
  • Health Data: Periodic medical exams, blood type, health treatments, vaccines, care by the occupational physician, etc.
  • Access Data: Petrobras key, Petrobras e-mail, password, etc.

When accessing Petrobras’ social networks, websites, and portal, online identifiers are collected to allow cookies and similar tracking technologies. When providing his or her personal data on the Petrobras Portal, the employee agrees with the processing done and that the data will be used for profiling content and for adequate identification purposes on internal communication channels, in accordance with the terms for the use of the portal.

Petrobras processes sensitive personal data only when necessary and for specific purposes, in accordance with current legislation.

What do we use your personal data for?

Petrobras processes the internal audience’s personal data for:

  • Identification and registration: To identify professionals and avoid homonyms.
  • Health and safety: To ensure people’s health and facility safety.
  • Controls and compliance: To ensure process controls and compliance.
  • Management: To guarantee contractual and relationship aspects.

Petrobras may request personal data related to the employees' dependents for a specific and previously informed purpose related to health, pension, and educational benefits, pointing out that personal data of children and adolescents must be processed in their best interest in accordance with the relevant legislation.

What are the legal assumptions used for the processing of personal data?

Petrobras processes the internal audience’s personal data for specific and determined purposes, based on a few assumptions provided for by law:

  • Execution of contractual procedures, such as for the signing of employment contracts.
  • To comply with legal or regulatory obligations, to comply with rulings, regulations, resolutions, ordinances, and labor instructions and laws.
  • Petrobras’ legitimate interest, such as for sending communications and information, with a focus on strengthening the relationship.
  • Upon the consent of the holder of the personal data, such as for use authorizations by the data holder.
  • Legal exercise of rights in lawsuits, administrative, or arbitration proceedings, such as in labor actions.
  • Health tutelage, such as in health assessments and procedures, periodic exams, etc.

With whom may we share personal data?

Personal data are only shared in specific situations for legitimate purposes.

Petrobras may share personal data with other Petrobras Equity Holdings and/or data operators, in compliance with corporate governance rules and contractual clauses related to information privacy and security.

The Company may also share personal data with government and control bodies that are subject to the same domestic legislation regarding the privacy of the holders’ of the personal data.

Do we transfer data internationally?

Petrobras may transfer active employee data internationally in the case of missions or developments abroad.

In these cases, the necessary technical, organizational, contractual, and legal measures are observed to ensure that personal data are properly processed in accordance with the legislation of the countries involved.

Petrobras may also transfer personal data internationally to agencies or government entities in the jurisdictions where it operates.

How long will we keep your personal data?

Personal data are incorporated into the Petrobras database for the period necessary to comply with existing legal terms. Registration, documentary, résumé, functional, and financial data are kept for the time necessary to protect the rights of Petrobras and/or its employees, as well as access, contact, location, health, safety, performance, and manifestation data.

How can I exercise my rights?

The holder of personal data or his or her legal representative may request his or her personal data at any time, subject to trade and industrial secrets, based on the General Personal Data Protection Law, as described below.

Active EMPLOYEES can access their personal data on the Company's Internal Portal:

  • Master registry - SAP Portal - Personal Area
  • Résumé Information - SIRH - My Profile
  • Health and periodical examination data - Your Health
  • Other information: click here to complete the form.


Additionally, Petrobras allows full access to the holders’ personal data, allowing updates, when applicable, upon proof.

Petrobras reserves the right to deny requests that (I) do not adequately fill in the fields on the forms; (II) do not reasonably allow it, at its discretion, to confirm the applicant’s identification; (III) generic requests; (IV) similar or duplicate requests within a period of 30 consecutive days.

If Petrobras deems that the request made by the holder of the Personal Data may be more adequately answered by another company in the Petrobras Group, he or she will be advised to contact the relevant company.

It will soon also be possible to make requests in person, at Petrobras' service counters. In such case, you will need your taxpayer’s ID (CPF) and identification document numbers and your contact e-mail.

What security measures are adopted?

Petrobras has security policies in place that aim at protecting your personal data against unauthorized access and misuse, as well as at preserving the integrity of the data. Protective measures include access, authentication, and encryption controls, and other technologies, as needed.

Who is responsible for processing personal data?

The party responsible for processing personal data is Petróleo Brasileiro S/A - Petrobras, a Brazilian company, Corporate Taxpayer’s ID (CNPJ) 33.000.167/0001-01, with a registered office at Avenida República do Chile, 65, Centro, Rio de Janeiro/RJ , CEP 20031-912.

Our person in charge of monitoring Law 13,709/2018 (General Personal Data Protection Law - LGPD) is Petrobras’ Privacy General Manager, Viviane do Nascimento Pereira Sá, whose contact for this topic is

This e-mail is not the dedicated channel Petrobras created to meet possible requests based on the LGPD. For that purpose, the guidelines are available in section 7, and requests wrongly received in this e-mail will get the guidance highlighted in that section.

When were the personal data privacy rules last updated?

We review the privacy rules frequently, and, if a change is made, the revision date at the top of this page will be changed and the effects will apply from that date. Therefore, we encourage you to periodically read these rules.