Automotive gasolines are the fuels Brazilians are most familiar with. They are used in light vehicles for private use and to transport passengers and cargo, meeting the needs both of consumers and of cutting-edge engine and combustion technologies.

Petrobras produces and trades gasolines on the fuel distribution market for applications defined pursuant to the specifications set forth by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP).


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This product meets the National Petroleum Agency (NPA) specifications, which are unique to the Brazilian market and have different equivalences for the other countries.

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Petrobras Podium Gasoline

The most advanced technology in fuels

The high-performance Petrobras Podium Gasoline has a avarage octane rating of 97 units, measured based on the anti-knock index (AKI), and up to 30 mg/kg (or ppm) of sulfur. It is the highest octane fuel in the world, higher even than the European super-premium gasolines, and is marketed exclusively at Petrobras service stations.

Petrobras Podium Gasoline is a fuel with ultra-low sulfur content (ULSC), affording lower environmental impact from vehicles currently in circulation, and since 2002 it has been adequate for the emissions control technologies that will be phased in on new vehicles produced from 2014. It maintains the engine's energy efficiency, preventing the formation of deposits, in addition to increasing the life of the lubricant, thus reducing vehicle maintenance costs.

Any vehicle can seize the benefits of the unsurpassed performance of Petrobras Podium Gasoline, particularly those fitted with high compression ratio engines, which can make better use of the projected power, allowing speed resumption in less time and ensuring safer overtaking.

The development of Petrobras Podium Gasoline was based on the same standards as those Petrobras used to prepare fuels for the race tracks.

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Premium Gasoline

Premium Gasoline has a minimum octane rating of 91 units, measured by the anti-knock index (AKI), and up to 50 mg/kg (or ppm) of sulfur.

It is Petrobras' Premium Gasoline, with ultra-low sulfur content (ULSC or S-50), affording the same benefits as Regular ULSC Gasoline with adequate performance for high compression ratio vehicles.

Petrobras Grid Gasoline

Higher performance. Maximum efficiency

The Petrobras Grid gasoline with additives has a greenish coloration and the same octane count as regular gasoline, 87 units, measured by the anti-knock index (AKI). It is a fuel with ultra-low sulfur content (ULSC or S-50), at up to 50 mg/kg (or ppm).

Its composition contains friction-reducing additives, which reduce part wear and tear, in addition to detergents and dispersants that ensure greater performance and maximum efficiency.

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Regular Gasoline

Regular Gasoline has a minimum octane rating of 87 units, measured by the anti-knock index (AKI), and up to 50 mg/kg (or ppm) of sulfur. It is a fuel with ultra-low sulfur content (ULSC or S-50), designed to allow for the introduction of vehicles with new technologies in controlling atmospheric emissions, and can decrease gas exhaust emissions from a few engines manufactured from 2009.

It also allows all gasoline fired engines to have low deposit formations on valves, fuel injectors, and in the combustion chamber, with less engine wear and longer lubricant service life, maintaining the engine's energy efficiency.

Premium gasolines are based on the Regular Gasoline. Get to know Petrobras Grid Gasoline, our Premium Gasoline.

Petrobras Distribuidora has the largest network of service stations, supplying Regular Gasoline and marketing Petrobras Grid Gasoline (AKI of 87) and the high-performance Podium Gasoline with exclusiveness, avarage octane rating of 97 units (the highest octane rating in the world) and 30 mg/kg (or ppm) of sulfur content.