Mineral Turpentine

Our mineral turpentine is the best on the Brazilian market. It stands out from the competitors' products for its color and low level of odors, which allow it to be used to formulate several products for domestic consumption; and for its higher flash point, which renders its handling safer.

Turpentine is flammable, has a high level of solvency and a longer drying time. Among the product's several industrial applications are the formulation of paints and varnishes; of cleaning and degreasers; and of waxes for flooring. It is also used for dry cleaning and to dilute resins and paints.


More information is available via e-mail, at sac@petrobras.com.br or by phone, by calling 0800 770 1337.

This product complies with the National Petroleum Agency (NPA) specifications, which are unique to the Brazilian market and have different equivalences for other countries.