Base Oils

These oils are the base for the preparation of a huge array of products. The best known of them are the lubricants.

Base oils can be rated according to their chemical constitution as paraffinic and naphthenic.

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Naphthenic Base Oils

Naphthenic base oils are used to manufacture insulating oils for transformers, lubricating greases, cutting fluids, oil for compressors and oil for shock absorbers. They can also be used as rubber plasticizers.

Paraffinic Base Oils

This type of oil is used mainly to prepare automotive lubricants, as its viscosity behaves the best under temperature variations.

They are also the base to manufacture maritime and railway lubricants, industrial oils, lubricating greases and pharmaceutical products, such as mineral oil.

Aromatic extracts and other byproducts

When preparing base oils, we also get byproducts that are used in several industrial segments.

They can be used as raw materials to produce grease, white oils, Vaseline, emulsions for the paper and wood industries, and to process plant fibers.

An example of these byproducts is the aromatic extract. Obtained in the paraffinic oil manufacturing process, it is used as an expander in the tire and synthetic rubber industries.

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