Caring for the safety of our operations and undertaking actions to balance our activities and the welfare of our workforce and of the communities: This is environmental responsibility. By improving products and processes, increasing efficiency, providing training and sponsoring conservation and ecosystem preservation projects, we always seek to grow by contributing to sustainable development.

We invest in research to develop products and processes that contribute to rationalize natural resource consumption, pursuing to diversify the use of different sources of energy, including renewables. We also encourage the rational use of energy and upgrade our processes to increase energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

To reduce risks to human health and to the environment, our operations have action plans and undertake emergency drills, and our workforce is required to attend frequent training courses. In addition, we sponsor a number of environmental projects aimed at mitigating carbon emissions, protecting the environment and endangered species, and conserving biodiversity.

We evaluate the water risk of our units and, based on the results, undertake detailed studies and research projects, identify new supply sources and opportunities for reuse, and adopt water use rationalization practices.

Our safety, environment, energy efficiency and health activities are guided by a policy and 15 guidelines that encompass different topics.

To mitigate the impact of our activities, we invest in energy efficiency, operational improvements, research and renewable sources and promote the efficient use of the products.

We take biodiversity into account when planning our projects and in our day to day operations, undertaking actions for environmental protection and restoration.

With the safety of our employees and operations in mind, we seek to prepare for risks and optimize our operations to mitigate potential impacts.

In order to deploy our projects, we submit to environmental licensing processes that include analyzing the possible impacts on the region.