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Operational Safety: Get to know our Standards - Petrobras

Operating Safety


We work every day thinking about the safety of our employees and our operations. Therefore, we prepare for risks seeking to improve our operations to mitigate their impact on the environment, on people's health, and on the assets themselves and the communities where we operate.

To prevent accidents, we comply with standards and adopt strict operating standards and procedures. We are trained to operate safely and, if there is any question when executing a procedure, we are instructed to discontinue it immediately.

We reinforce our actions in Safety, Environment and Health (SEH) with the “Commitment to Life” program, which focuses on accident prevention, and we are always in search of new risk control solutions. At our business areas and subsidiaries, we have implemented the Zero Spill Plan, with actions aimed at reducing spillage risks. And in case of an emergency, we have Environmental Defense Centers spread throughout Brazil.

Environmental Defense Centers

To minimize possible impacts in case of emergencies, we seek to make our response plans more agile and effective. We have a team of specialized professionals, 12 Environmental Defense Centers, 12 Advanced Bases, and Emergency Response Centers nationwide. In addition to speedboats, vessels, collecting equipment, and containment barriers, the Environmental Defense Centers have communication equipment and vehicles that can be set into motion quickly by road or air.

Commitment to Life Program

The program was designed based on the analysis of the results and assessments of the root causes identified in accidents in recent years. The initiative reinforces aspects such as leadership commitment, workforce training, contractor service oversight, task and facility risk analysis, operational discipline, compliance with procedures, inspection, and maintenance.
One of the program’s main focuses is the reinforcement of the implementation of the procedures featured in the 10 Golden Rules, which guide behavior and care applicable to daily operating activities. Their systematic application has the potential to ensure a consistent reduction in the number of accidents in our activities and operations.

Environment and Health Policy

Includes topics such as workforce education, training and commitment, among others.