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Public Selections - Petrobras

Public Selections

We promote public selections of cultural, environmental, social, and sports projects across the country. In this democratic and transparent process, commissions analyze and choose the most consistent initiatives. Among the professionals who make up the committee there are representatives of the civil society, government, universities, the press, and of Petrobras itself.

With the selections, we have direct contact with initiatives capable of transforming realities, such as the Sowing Sustainability Project. This is a reference project, with a model seedling nursery, involving restoration (at PPAs and LRs) and area conversion work, provision of technical assistance to farmers, and conservation work done in the Jamari National Forest buffer zone.

Turn your idea into reality and enter your project in our public selections.

When everyone believes, your project comes to life

Petrobras Socio Environmental

For projects that address the social dimension and the environmental issue in an integrated manner, allying growth to promoting sustainable development. Website in portuguese:

Programa Petrobras Cultural

Addresses culture in its various manifestations and segments, including the preservation, production, circulation, and enjoyment of cultural assets. Website in portuguese:

The Petrobras

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