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Community Relations: Ethical Relationship - Petrobras

Community Relations

Maintaining a long-term community relationship based on dialogue and transparency is one of our commitments.  To achieve this, we seek to know the dynamics of the communities that neighbor the places where we operate, their social players, and develop relationship plans, which the Company monitors and evaluates.

Petrobras’ actions seek to foster the development of collaborations to strengthen ties, promote networking, and generate mutual benefits, allowing for respect for the social, environmental, territorial, and cultural rights of the communities. Committees, meetings, lectures, visits, and investments in socioenvironmental programs and projects are promoted, aligned with the objectives of our business and contributing to the conservation of the environment and improvement of the living conditions of the communities where we operate.

In its relationship with indigenous peoples and traditional communities, Petrobras complies with the current legislation. In Brazil, we observe the provisions set forth under the National Policy for the Sustainable Development of Traditional Peoples and Communities (Decree No. 6040/07) and the Normative Instructions and Interministerial Ordinances of each governing body, in this case, the National Indian Foundation - FUNAI (, the Palmares Cultural Foundation-FCP (, and the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN) (