Contribution to Development

When we provide energy, we contribute to the development of the locations where we operate, to generating wealth, and to expanding the supply of goods and services.

In Brazil, an example is the growth of the shipbuilding industry, driven by exploration in the pre-salt cluster.

Support for the supplier chain

Whenever possible, we favor the hiring of local suppliers operating out of the vicinity of our units. Brazilian law requires a minimum amount of local content in our projects and operations, increasing the domestic industry's stakes and creating opportunities for companies of all sizes.

Another way to support our suppliers is credit lines, programs and services. Here are some of them:

  • "Progredir" Program: Allows our small and midsize suppliers to secure loans from partner banks in a quick and standardized manner and for a low cost.
  • Credit Right Investment Funds (FIDC): An opportunity for suppliers with whom we have contracts to secure capital and funding for rates lower than those prevailing on the market.
  • Petrobras-Sebrae Agreement: Fosters the integration of micro and small enterprises in the oil, gas and energy production chain.
  • Grow Program – The purpose of this program is to include family farmers in the biodiesel production supplier chain network.
  • Supplier Channel: Offers information and support services to companies that already provide or wish to provide goods and services to Petrobras.

So new professionals are prepared for the demands of the industry, we also develop and support a range of training programs.