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Performance in Early Childhood




We want to contribute to the future of new generations. We believe it is crucial to invest in early childhood development and, for that, we will prioritize the shaping of the human being in development, working in the territory of knowledge.

We believe that investing in Early Childhood is enabling the evolution of essential competences for a child, given that experiences and discoveries made at this stage are carried on for the rest of their lives and can contribute to transforming realities.

The priority of the Petrobras Initiative for Early Childhood is cognitive, social, and emotional development in the age group 0 to 6 years. We want to contribute to the promotion of the debate necessary for this issue to be the object of attention in our society and, in particular, in the places where we operate.

Our actions in early childhood focus on social protection and education. Our intention is to develop and make available a social technology involving public and private institutions that are already present in this scenario.

We are also part of the National Early Childhood Network, which brings together national organizations from civil society, the public sector, the private sector, other networks, and multilateral organizations that act, directly or indirectly, to promote and guarantee Early Childhood rights.

The Petrobras Socio-Environmental Program consolidates our social and environmental projects, expanding our work with communities, third sector institutions, the government, universities, and other audiences. The current portfolio features 101 projects, representing investments of around R$240 million.

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