Social Responsibility Policy

Provide the energy that moves society to accomplish its full potential, respecting human rights and environment, interacting responsibly with nearby communities and overcoming sustainability challenges of our business, including the transition to a low-carbon energy matrix.

We commit to:

1. Identify, analyze, and mitigate social risks related to the interaction of our business, society and the environment and promote the social and environmental management in our supply chain.

2. Integrate social responsibility issues into our business management and decision-making process.

3. Respect human rights, seeking to prevent and mitigate negative impacts on our direct activities, supply chain and partnerships, and fight against discrimination in all forms.

4. Manage our relationship with nearby communities on a continuous and transparent basis, contributing to our businesses and to local development.

5. Invest in socio-environmental projects, contributing to nearby communities, and society as a whole, in alignment with our business objectives as well as collaborating to environmental conservation and livelihoods improvement.

6. Be prepared for emergencies, potential conflicts and crises involving our nearby communities.

7. Communicate and report clearly, objectively and transparently our sustainability performance to all stakeholders.

8. Contribute to sustainable development and to climate change mitigation in alignment with national and international commitments which we are signatory.

9. Disseminate the Social Responsibility Policy and commit our workforce in order to implement activities in a socially responsible manner.