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How does innovation work at Petrobras?

Our priority is to innovate in order to maximize value and competitiveness in low carbon businesses, aiming at a long-term diversification. To achieve this, our digital transformation and innovation strategy is to innovate to generate value in our business, today and in the future, and achieve decarbonization objectives.

This strategy is implemented through a framework, called the Innovation Engine, and is managed in order to accelerate the generation of results through innovation at scale.

Discover the Connections for Innovation, our Open Innovation program

Innovation is part of our DNA! This applies when we look for new solutions, when we create a new technology and when we apply new ways of working. Connections for Innovation is a clear example of what we are talking about. Through it, we promote a series of initiatives to intensify our integration with science and technology institutions, universities, startups, companies from different sectors and entrepreneurial researchers.

We are talking about an environment of real opportunities for the market, whether to learn about Petrobras' main challenges, present and technically discuss potential solutions, or to jointly develop technologies, taking advantage of the know-how of our specialists, our laboratories, and our experimental park.

Access opportunities to participate

We are creating connections to lead a fair energy transition in Brazil

Low carbon projects and solutions have gained priority under the Connections for Innovation. Currently, there are more than 70 partnerships in force to develop solutions focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency and emissions reduction, totaling a contracted investment of over BRL300 million.

It was through these partnerships that we were able to develop, test or commercialize several initiatives that improve the carbon performance of operations, in addition to technologies for carbon capture and storage.

Faça parte desse ecosssistema de inovação

How to participate in the Connections for Innovation program

If you are part of the world of innovation, there is certainly room for you at Connections! In total, there are seven different modules. Discover each of them below.

Check out some numbers from Connections for Innovation so far

Our Open Innovation program has already achieved many relevant results and we have many reasons to celebrate.
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Here, you can answer your questions about Open Innovation and Connections for Innovation

What are the differences between Open Innovation and Closed Innovation?

Open Innovation: a methodology aimed mainly at collaboration in the search for the best solutions. Here, the “I” becomes us. A horizontal way of working.

Closed Innovation: methodology that centralizes information and leaves solutions to be developed by its internal teams. Vertical way of working.
What are the main characteristics of Open Innovation? 
The main characteristics that can be listed are: 
  • Creation of an internal team and external agents.
  • Agile and horizontal processes.
  • Well-defined objectives and goals.
  • Fluid and transparent communication
  • Creation of dynamics for exchange between the team.
What are the benefits of participating in Connections for Innovation?

Technical mentoring from Petrobras during the selection process and, if approved on Pitch Day, during the execution phase of the Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) project. The approved and contracted company also receives financial resources to cover project activities. Another benefit is the possibility of implementing the solution, for the project to be successfully completed, through a field test of the pilot batch or pioneering service.

Can I apply for solutions that are already available on the market? 

No. The objective of Connections for Innovation is to select proposals for innovative solutions to be developed through RD&I projects, in cooperation with specialist mentors from Petrobras and business mentors from SEBRAE, to meet the challenges published in each notice.

Can I send my proposal to participate in the Program at any time? 

The schedule with the period for submission is defined in each notice. You can check the notices and opportunities for each specific module at Connections for Innovations Program website, by clicking on Opportunities or Challenges.

How do I submit my proposal? 

Proposals are submitted through the specific module organizer's portal. Therefore, we recommend that you always access the Connections for Innovation Program website, please see the desired module and the organizer portal for this module.

A inovação na Petrobras é um motor
movido à energia

Dentro da nossa empresa, o desenvolvimento de soluções tecnológicas é movido pelo nosso Motor de Inovação, um modelo de governança feito para impulsionar a Petrobras em direção ao futuro. Ele conta, ao todo, com três pilares.
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1º pilar - Programa de inovação aberta

O primeiro pilar é o já citado Conexões para Inovação, que expande nossos horizontes e abre portas para novas mentes brilhantes ao oferecer programas de inovação aberta em parceria com startups, universidades e outros tipos de empresas. Com ele, estudamos e testamos modelos de acesso por meio de editais, em diferentes módulos.

2º pilar - Tecnologias, conhecimentos e recursos-chave

O Programa fomenta nossos Centros de Excelência, que disseminam temas, tecnologias e conhecimentos relevantes por todas as áreas de negócio da empresa. Entre os diversos Centros existentes, vale destacar o Centro de Pesquisas, Desenvolvimento e Inovação (Cenpes) e os recentes Centro de Excelência em Analytics e Inteligência Artificial e Centro de Excelência em Robotização e Digitalização (CERD).

3º pilar - Gestão e execução do portfólio de inovação

No meio disso tudo estão os os Times de Inovação, responsáveis por fazer esse Motor girar ao gerir e desenvolver na prática todos os projetos de nosso portfólio de inovação.

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