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Equity Interests: companies that have our energy

In our 70 years of history, we have learned a lot. Among which: no one grows alone. Find out about our equity interests in companies of different areas.
Facade of Edise, headquarters building of Petrobras, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Petrobras Conglomerate Companies

Considering the requirements set forth in CGPAR Resolution 30/2022, Law 13,303/2016, and Decree 8,945/2016, to facilitate location and access, we disclose on this page information of interest to the Companies of the Petrobras Conglomerate. They are understood as the equity interests in companies organized in Brazil in which Petrobras holds, directly or indirectly, more than 50% of the voting stock.

According to Art. 14 of Decree 8,945/2016, some Companies of the Petrobras Conglomerate share with the Controlling Company (Petrobras) the structure of the People, Eligibility, Succession, and Compensation Committee (Statutory Governance and Compliance Technical Committee - CTE-GC) and the Statutory Audit Committee of the Petrobras Conglomerate (CAECO). For this reason, the minutes related to these committees may be consulted at our Investor website.

In addition, in the capacity as the controlling shareholder of these Companies, we disclose information on specific matters, making public all acts and facts that we consider relevant. Follow all our communications sent to the market.

LGPD and access to information

For information about the General Personal Data Protection Law, such as the exercise of rights pursuant to the law and information about the personal data protection officer in the Equity Interests listed below - except for Transpetro, Transbel, and TBG, which have their own data protection officers - see section Privacy and Personal Data Protection.

This page is freely accessible, does not require a username or password, allowing any citizen to browse freely, as well as view and use the available data.

Petrobras Equity Interests

This content is available only in Portuguese.

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