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Strategic Plan: new movements, feet in the present and eyes on the future

We are getting ready for the future. Discover how in our strategic plan 2024 - 2028+.
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New Movements

We will transition to new energies gradually, responsibly, and progressively. A transition that is good for the planet and fair to the people.

We are expanding our investments in new energies, without abruptly giving up on oil production, which is still necessary to meet the global energy demand and finance the energy transition.

Vision, purpose, values, and strategic drivers

Our vision represents a synthesis of what we want to be. Our purpose, on the other hand, represents the reason for our existence. Both of them are supported by our values, which represent our commitment to people, society, our partners, and shareholders.

Our vision

To be the best diversified and integrated energy company in generating value, building a more sustainable world, reconciling the focus on oil and gas with diversification in low carbon businesses (including petrochemical products and fertilizers), sustainability, safety, respect for the environment, and full attention to people.

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Our purpose

To provide energy that ensures prosperity in an ethical, fair, safe, and competitive manner.

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Our values

  • Care for people 
  • Integrity 
  • Sustainability 
  • Innovation 
  • Commitment to Petrobras and the country
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Strategic drivers

  • Full attention to people
  • Focus on profitable Exploration & Production assets
  • Adequacy and improvement of the current refining park
  • Fair energy transition
  • Sustainable development of the country taking advantage of the productive chains
  • Global vanguard in energy transition

Discover our business strategies

With our feet in the present and our eyes on the future, we are preparing ourselves for what lies ahead.

Grounded in the present, because we understand the importance of focusing on the present moment, investing in the production of fuel that helps our country move forward, pushing boundaries and implementing innovative solutions in our operations.

Focused on the future, as we strategically plan for a world in harmony with the Paris Agreement, striving for sustainability. 

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Exploração e Produção

Exploration and production

  • Maximization of portfolio value
  • Focus on profitable assets
  • Decarbonization of operations
  • Reserves replacement
  • Increase in gas supply
  • New frontiers
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Refino, transporte e comercialização

Refining, Transport and Marketing

  • To be the best option for customers
  • To provide low-carbon products
  • To optimize the production chain maximizing asset values
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Gás e energia

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Decarbonization, Gas & Low Carbon Energies

  • Investing in new energies, assessing profitable projects in wind, solar, carbon capture, bio-refining, and hydrogen.
  • Increasing investment in profitable new energy projects, generating long-term value with robust governance.
  • Prioritizing partnerships for risk reduction and cost-sharing, as well as knowledge sharing.
  • Technological and project management capabilities as differentiators to exploit Brazil's regional competitive advantages.
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Financial Strategy and Governance

  • Capital Allocation Priorities
  • Resilient projects with high economic returns
  • Higher investments in the 2024-2028 timeframe for long-term value Generation
  • Annual capex under implementation
  • Projects under evaluation respecting governance for execution
  • Strengthening Corporate Governance

Our ESG positioning

Acting safely and sustainably in our business with integrity, seeking to reduce emissions, promoting diversity and social development, contributing to a just energy transition.

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