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Green Petroleum Coke: a derivate that is also a raw material

From petroleum, we extract a fuel similar to mineral coal, with less environmental impact. Discover how we use Green Petroleum Coke.
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Our petroleum coke it is energy that is transformed into a raw material for production

Green Petroleum Coke (CVP)  is a granulated and carbonaceous solid product, obtained with high technology and quality from the processing of liquid fractions of oil in the Delayed Coking Units (UCR) of Petrobras refineries.

It is a water-insoluble, non-explosive, non-reactive product with a high ignition point. Its texture is porous and the color is black, receiving the name “green” because it is a product exempt from heat treatment, that is, before being subjected to any other process, such as calcination.

Petrobras CVP is a sponge type and has a low sulfur content (BTE) if compared to most other producing countries, which gives it great versatility and lower environmental impact in its application. In addition, it has a high fixed carbon content, low ash content, high calorific value, and high chemical stability.  

Main applications of Petrobras Green Petroleum Coke

Petrobras CVP for Calcination/Aluminum

Essential raw material in the manufacture of anodes for the aluminum industry — after being subjected to the calcination process, which adjusts its physicochemical properties.

Petrobras CVP for Steelmaking

It is used as a raw material, replacing some types of metallurgical coal, in the manufacture of Metallurgical Coke, a reducing agent used in steel mills in the production of steel.

Petrobras CVP for Cement Companies and others

It is used as fuel in several industrial processes, being the main national demand for the cement industry.

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Besides Petrobras Green Petroleum Coke, we develop and sell several other high quality products to meet the demands of society and Brazilian industries. Know all of them.

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