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Solvent: the solution for the country's industries

solvents can be used in various ways within industries to become various products of your everyday life. Know them!
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Picture of a brush on several paint cans, showing one of the Petrobras Solvents derivates.

With solvents, we use our energy to create solutions that drive the industry forward

We are present in several industrial activities as a supplier of raw materials that are used throughout the production processes or as components of products, or even for bottling and resale, as in the case of removers for domestic use. 

Solvents are chemical substances that have the power to solubilize and extract other substances without chemically reacting with them. According to the principle “like dissolves like”, with the use of solvents it is possible to process, apply, or separate materials.

Quality requirements

  • High solvency power and selectivity.
  • Adequate volatility.
  • Chemical stability.
  • Odorless (or faint or pleasant odor).
  • Colorless.
  • Safety in use.

Petrobras Solvents

Petrobras Solvents are produced in our refining units with quality and technology from aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon cuts, for multiple industrial applications and presenting the best cost-benefit ratios in the category.

We sell the product to chemical distributors that distribute it to industries across the country. Know our product line.

Petrobras Aromatic Solvents

Petrobras Aromatic Solvents

Used in the manufacture of paints and varnishes, adhesives, removers, and thinners.

Petrobras Mixed Xylenes

Used in the manufacture of paints and varnishes, pesticides, removers, and thinners.

Petrobras Aliphatic Solvents

Petrobras Turpentine

Used in dry cleaning in dyeing, removal of grease, cleaning of tools and machines, manufacturing of paints and varnishes and waxes.

Petrobras Hexane

Used for extraction of vegetable oils and fats, manufacture of paints and varnishes and adhesives.

Petrobras Medium Solvent

Used in the manufacture of paints and varnishes, manufacture of waxes, removal of grease and cleaning of tools and machines.

Check out how Petrobras can meet your company's needs

These products meet the specifications of the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP), suitable for the Brazilian market, with different equivalents for other countries.

Besides Petrobras Solvents, we develop and sell several other high quality products to meet the demands of society and Brazilian industries. Know all of them.

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