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We want to strengthen our credibility in the market and improve our relationship with stakeholders

Good corporate governance and compliance practices are the supporting pillars of our business. This is why we follow procedures that are compatible with the rules of the markets in which we operate and adopt international standards of transparency.
We are committed to adopting a governance model that promotes balance between efficiency and control, and an environment that is a reference in ethics, integrity, and transparency, with zero tolerance for fraud and corruption.

Discover the layers of our corporate governance

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Petrobras' Compliance Program 

Our company is guided by the Petrobras Compliance Program, a set of mechanisms designed to prevent, detect, and remedy misconduct and harmful acts committed against the company, including those related to fraud and corruption, money laundering, commercial sanctions, conflict of interests, and violation of antitrust laws.
The program is aimed at our various stakeholders and consists of three pillars, the purpose of which is to continuously reinforce ethics, integrity, and transparency in all our businesses:

Aims to identify, assess, and reduce compliance risks, including those related to fraud and corruption, money laundering, trade sanctions, conflict of interest, and violation of antitrust laws.

Includes mechanisms capable of identifying and interrupting any ethical misconduct that may not have been avoided by preventive actions, enabling the accountability of those involved.

Establishes the responsibility and penalty applicable to each case of proven misconduct. It makes it possible to address the weaknesses that led to the respective misconduct and to recover any damages.
The program must be read and understood together with internal rules and procedures. Check out the main documents that set parameters for our relationship with stakeholders:
Our regulations deal with various topics, such as: conflict of interest, nepotism, gifts, disciplinary regime, money laundering prevention, and (sic) 

Harmful acts committed by legal entities

Its purpose is to determine the liability of legal entities for the practice of harmful acts against us. The Administrative Accountability Process (PAR) is another instrument used in the fight against fraud and corruption. If a legal entity is confirmably held liable for an unlawful act, after the administrative procedures have been carried out, including the broad right to adversarial proceedings, the law provides for the application of fines and an extraordinary publication of the sanctioning administrative decision.

Greater security in hiring

Suppliers, customers, business partners, sponsored and affiliated parties, and other counterparts who are interested in initiating and maintaining a relationship with us shall go through the Integrity Due Diligence (DDI) procedure. This is a mechanism provided for in the Petrobras Corruption Prevention Program (PPPC), which aims to assess the integrity risk to which we may be exposed in our relationships with third parties.

Greater security in decision-making and appointments

Compliance Assessments

In order to support and allow for greater security in the decision-making process of our company's managers and administrators, we have decided to carry out a prior analysis of certain matters submitted for consideration by senior management. This assessment comprises aspects related to compliance with the company's internal policies, guidelines and procedures, and applicable legislation, preventing and detecting any compliance risk.

Integrity Background Check (BCI)

It is another important decision-making support mechanism, which aims to increase the quality of appointments, without prejudice to meritocracy, through the analysis of the integrity of candidates appointed by us to work in rewarded positions in our company and in the senior management of Petrobras Equity Interests, respecting the privacy and access to information laws that are in force in each country.

Strengthening our compliance culture


Communication initiatives aim to publicize and ensure the transparency of all compliance actions implemented by us. They also guide, raise awareness, and answer any questions of stakeholders.


We work to continually deepen the workforce's knowledge of corporate guidelines, legal requirements and responsibilities. We also promote trainings that allow the identification, prevention, addressing, and reporting of situations of risk, misconduct, or evidence of fraud and corruption in business.

Integrity Agents

To collaborate with the implementation of compliance actions, we have several professionals who act as Integrity Agents in all organizational units. They are committed to disseminating the culture of integrity, and encourage, each in their areas, discussions that include the application of guidelines regarding compliance with laws and internal rules, especially those related to fighting fraud, corruption, and money laundering.


Internal Audit

This is a set of procedures used to analyze our internal controls, observing the aspects that are most relevant to maintaining the quality of our work. The central objective of an internal audit is to evaluate and provide assistance to the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, the Presidency, and the Executive Board, as well as to meet the demands of the Fiscal Council and external control bodies, aiming to strengthen management, internal controls, and risk reduction.

External Audit

The external audit is carried out by an independent and impartial company chosen by the Board of Directors of Petrobras. This company will be responsible for verifying that the financial statements adequately reflect our reality.

Dialogue channels and management instances

General Ombudsman's Office

The Ombudsman office is responsible for receiving complaints, requests for information, reports, requests, queries, opinions, and suggestions from all interested parties in a confidential, independent, free, and accessible manner.

Reporting Channel

This is an external and independent channel, which covers our subsidiaries and is equipped with security mechanisms to guarantee the anonymity of the whistleblower, who can monitor the progress of his complaint. This channel is available in 3 languages, 24/7.

Transparency Portal and SIC

Transparency and integrity in disclosing information are key tools for strengthening our compliance environment. Public, financial, and governance information, as well as the publication of relevant facts, are available on external and internal websites, through communications and reports aimed at various stakeholders.


In the development of our activities, both in Brazil and abroad, we are subject to national and international anti-corruption laws.
Other anti-corruption laws may apply to our activities, depending on the country in which Petrobras' Equity Interests are incorporated or the location where its operations are carried out.
We have listed the main ones below:
Law No. 12,846, of August 1, 2013

Provides for the administrative and civil liability of legal entities for acts practiced against either national or foreign public administration.

See the Law in full (available in Portuguese).

Decree-Law No. 11,129, of July 11, 2022
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 (FCPA)
United States of America (USA) federal anti-corruption law, to which we are subject by holding ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
Sarbanes Oxley Act, or SOx, of July 2002

American law that requires companies that have securities traded on American stock exchanges, whether or not headquartered in the United States, to have a certification, which is renewed annually. This certification guarantees that companies adopt more rigorous standards in their internal controls and that their administrators are directly responsible for the disclosed financial reports.

UK Bribery Act 2010
UK anti-corruption law, which allows UK courts to try crimes relating to fraud and corruption committed by companies incorporated in the UK or operating in the UK.

Other initiatives

Our company is also a signatory of national and international anti-corruption initiatives, such as: United Nations Global Compact, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (Eiti), and Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption.

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