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Our energy is in sports, seeking the highest place on the podium

We support great athlets to develop Brazilian sport and we are in automobile competitions to develop our products.
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We like to test limits, whether in sport or in the labs

Achievements and glories do not come overnight. To be the champion, to be the best, it takes a lot of effort, determination, determination and resilience. This is part of our DNA and is also at the essence of sport.

This similarity presented great opportunities for our company. That's why we support high-performance Olympic sports and put together a team full of talents.

​​​​​​​Furthermore, we see the opportunity to develop and improve products before they even reach the market, which is why we entered into a strategic partnership with Copa Truck and are the official fuel for the competition. Check out more details about each of our sports activities below.
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Time Petrobras

We want to see our country at the top of the podium at the next Olympics, so we have put together a team with talents from several different sports to bring home the gold. Check out some of the sponsored modalities and access our exclusive page to stay up to date with everything.​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​ Boxing
  •  Swimming
  • Weightlifting
  •  Badminton and Parabadminton
  •  Taekewondo
  •  Water Marathon
  • Athletics
  •  Table tennis
  •  Canoeing
  •  Archery
  •  Triathlon and Paratriathlon
  •  Disc Throw

Programa Petrobras Esporte Motor

Programa Petrobras Esporte Motor was born as a way of testing our products in the most extreme conditions and also taking part in Brazilians' passion for motorsport.

​​​​​​​Therefore, we are back in motor sports with the sponsorship of Copa Truck, the fastest truck competition in Brazil, of which we are also the official fuel suppliers, through our Diesel R, a fuel produced with renewable content, which reduces pollutant emissions and improves engine performance.

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