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Our labor practices

We believe in and defend good labor relations practices, complying with the Brazilian laws and international labor conventions. This includes repudiating child labor, forced and degrading labor throughout our production chain, in line with our commitments. Social Responsibility Policy.

Our Human Resources Policy has the premises and guidelines that guide labor relations and practices and are deployed throughout the Company.

Our Code of Ethical Conduct also guides our working relationships, defining the ethical principles and corporate governance policies that guide Petrobras' actions and its commitments to conduct, both institutionally and for its employees. These documents also address the Company's governance mechanisms, based on the ethical sense of our mission, our vision and strategies, helping to increase transparency and confidence of all our stakeholders.

Supply chain

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity, social and environmental responsibility, and ethical conduct. Therefore, we demand the same attitude from our supply chain, in accordance with our compliance guidelines.

An example of that are the monthly lives with the supplier market so that we can disseminate compliance practices, instruct about our business model and contracting procedures, in addition to sharing information on relevant projects. Find out more about this and other initiatives in our 2022 Sustainability Report.

Full attention to people

Our people management seeks to meet the needs of the business, with respect and appreciation of people, through processes that provide their development, performance, and a good organizational environment, based on the Company's values and ethical principles, and merits as basis of recognition.

Therefore, we offer our employees equal opportunities, respecting gender differences and the diversity of cultures, knowledge, and skills. One of our priorities is also to promote work safely, preventing risks and encouraging healthier lifestyles.

In 2023, we launched the Petrobras Statement of Diversity and Combat of Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace, which expresses our commitment not to tolerate any harassment or discrimination conduct. We act assertively in raising awareness about the importance of respect for people for a healthy, inclusive, and safe environment, and we are committed to dealing with cases of harassment or discrimination that may be identified.

Human Capital Development

From time to time, some human resource issues — compensation, benefits, and working conditions, for example —need to be revisited. The negotiation leads to the execution of a new (collective or individual) employment contract, with a term that varies according to what is agreed between the parties, observing the maximum period of two (2) years, pursuant to the law. See here the main highlights of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (ACT) in effect.

Our labor practices cover all employees in their (administrative and operational) units. Here are some highlights¹:

a) 100% of employees covered by the ACT 2023-2025;

b) 100% of employees received regular performance analysis in 2023 for the year 2022, representing 99,9% of the total of employees;

c) 98.8% of employees participated in training and development actions in 2022.

Aiming at the sustainability of the business and the good practices of our labor relations, we seek to develop people to achieve the goals and preserve the company's unique technical and management capacity.

Human Capital Development Highlights

Organizational atmosphere

These and other initiatives contributed for the result obtained in an internal research, in 2021/22, which indicated an  85% overall engagement rate with work at the company¹. The research counted with the participation of 12,538 employees, representing 33% of the workforce, and had a target established between 85% and 90%, with the following data stratification:
  • Age group – Engagement rate of 79% up to 30 years old, 83% from 31 to 40 years old, 86% from 41 to 50 years old, 88% from 51 to 60 years old, and 90% over 60 years old.
  • Gender – 85% engagement rate for both women and men.
  • Management level – engagement rate of 94% for leaders and 81% for non-management employees.
  • Race/ethnicity – engagement rate of 85% for whites, 86% for mixed races/blacks and 84% for other races/ethnicities.

¹ Petrobras Holding (Parent Company)

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