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Patents: proof that innovation is in our DNA

We are protagonists in the segment, and investing in research and development of innovative solutions is our trademark. Know our patents.

Check out some achievements

  • We are the Brazilian company with the largest portfolio of active patents: over 1,200 in the Brazil and abroad.
  • We are also the Brazilian company with the highest number of patent registrations in a single year with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI): 142 applications were filed in 2023!
Most of the projects patented in recent years were developed to meet the demands of exploration and production, refining, gas and energy, renewables and sustainable development projects, such as decarbonization and reduction of emissions. And the evolution doesn't stop: by 2028, our company will invest US$3.6 billion in technological innovations.

Petrobras inventions you probably didn't know about

Picture of a PET bottle, representing upcycling technology patented by Petrobras.

Unprecedented technology to degrade PET bottles in less than a month

Have you ever heard of upcycling? The process consists of creating new products from the reuse of a material, and is an efficient solution to enable technological innovations in a more sustainable way.

And we were pioneers in adopting this concept to create new inputs for our industry! Using unprecedented technology, we managed to produce enzymes capable of degrading the component of PET bottles within 30 days, under ambient pressure and temperature.

With that, we transform the polymer in the bottles into raw material for the petrochemical industry and generate important environmental gains — in normal situations, PET packaging takes hundreds of years to degrade in nature!
Picture of the ocean floor, representing the depth at which 4D seismic acts, Petrobras patent.

Creation of digital model of reservoirs with 4D seismic technology

To innovate, you need to see beyond. In this case, to see beyond the existing matter, more than 7,000 meters deep. This is done with the support of 4D seismic technology, which allows us to create 3D models of reservoirs combined with a new dimension: time. The process compares two images obtained at different times to identify and monitor, for example, changes in oil and gas reserves.

4D seismic starts with a ship emitting an infrasound towards the ocean floor. Once there, part of the waves will reflect and return to the sensors positioned on the sea floor, while the others cross towards deeper layers. This allows us to calculate the depth, height, length, and probable formation of the reservoir.

Picture of a diesel hydrotreatment unit at a Petrobras refinery.

Reduction of unscheduled stoppages of hydrotreatment units in refineries

Innovation does not stop around here. Neither do our operations. We created a new technological method to avoid unscheduled downtime of hydrotreatment units, responsible for producing hydrogen in our refineries. Thus, we leverage the economic gains and reliability of our operations.
Aerial photo of Petrobras FPSO operating in pre-salt field.

Methodology brings gains in the analysis of water composition in pre-salt petroleum

Another unprecedented feat in Petrobras' world: developing and applying an available physical process to separate water from petroleum oil, and then obtain its composition.

With this invention, we discovered the composition of pre-salt waters that had never been analyzed, which allows us to predict problems related to incrustation in these oils and enable studies of rock-fluid interaction. Do you want to know more innovations like this?

Some inventions by Petrobras in partnership with other companies

Learn more about the licensing of our technologies

We believe in open innovation. The research and development of our new technologies are driven by partnerships with other institutions, through the Connections for Innovation program. Learn more about licensing and explore our opportunities.

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